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By turning the table on one side you can play pool and on the other you can play Air Hockey.
By placing the floor above the pool table you can also play Ping Pong.
Plus it becomes a beautiful dining table with the plan supplied!



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Mattew – Pool table 7 ft that becomes a dinner table. By turning the table, it becomes air hockey and tennis table. Perfect for your fun!

The table size are professional 7 feet (gaming measures 70.4″ x 34″). Professional billiard dark brown, green cloth and chrome inserts on the four extreme corners.
Ideal for entertaining friends in the evenings.
Package dimensions: 87 in. X 50 in. X 10 in. – WEIGHT 328 Pounds.


Pool table size 70.5″ x 34″
Air Hockey size 74″ x 37.8″
Tennis Tennis size 80″ x 44″


Color: Dark brown with green cloth
Size: 7 feet playfield (70.4″ x 34″)
Weight: 320 pounds
Dimensions: 80″ length x 44″ width x 32″ height
Pocket diameter: regular size
Height adjustable feet for table adjustment
15 Numbered Marbles plus Pallino
2 cueues
Brush to clean the cloth 2 chalks
1 triangle
Socket integrated into the table
Card holder integrated into the table

Color: White
Game measures 74″ x 37.8″
2 Air Hockey Knobs
3 Red discs
Scoreboard integrated at the edges of the table
Door Knobs and Disks integrated into the table
Electric motor for pumping air

Color: Blue
Playfield size 80″ x 44″
2 table tennis bats 2 ping pong balls Racket racket
Net and hooks for table

3 reviews for Pool table 7ft + Air hockey + Tennis table + Dinner table – Mattew

  1. Nathan

    Love it!!!!!!!!

  2. Leo

    TOP!!! TOP!!!

  3. Stephen

    Overall: Table functionality is great, family and kids really enjoy the table. At first I was skeptical of purchasing from this company as they do not have a huge online presence, but took a chance and it worked out well. Overall very satisfied with the product and the seller.

    Very easy to flip between Air Hockey and Pool table.
    Pool table playing surface is level. Some other pool table/air hockey combinations from other companies that I researched had some major issues with the pool table portion not being level.
    Easy to adjust the overall table level with the adjustable feet.
    Deep pool pockets which allows for almost all the balls to fit in one pocket if the need arises.
    Pool table fabric in good condition, flat, no wrinkles.
    Table tennis court, net and rackets are entry level but work perfectly.
    Dinner table for us will not be used as a dinner table but more so a gaming table (eg. board games). It’s good quality and will be useful to easily switch between activities.

    One of the cue stick tips is slightly crooked, but does not affect the shot too much.
    Pool pockets are deep but have sharp edges so when reaching for the ball, can scrap your hand.
    The protective plastic on the metal edges of the pool table are nearly impossible to take off. Bits of plastic are still visible.
    The air hockey pucks are a bit light therefore fly off the table easily. We’ll just buy some new heavier replacement pucks.
    The laminate on one of the air hockey “net” slots was peeling off, easy fix with some glue.
    The center of the air hockey table does not have as much air so if a puck runs across the center slowly it tends to stick, not a big deal as most of the time the pucks are moving too fast for this to happen.
    Table tennis/Dinner table has to be stored separately somewhere when not in use, but this should be expected based on the description/pictures.
    Table tennis/dinner table just lays on-top of the air hockey table without anything to really keep it in place. As such it moves very easily if you bump it. Will try and figure out a solution such as laying down a thin rubber strip around the table to add more friction between the surfaces.

    In addition; the original package was missing a couple pieces which were crucial to perform final assembly. Simba quickly resolved the issue by sending 2 new pieces, therefore not a big deal other then the inconvenience.

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